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Pine Island / Matlacha

Pine Island Demographics

*Population:10,000 year round,16,000 winter*Annual Population Growth: 3 percent*Media Age: 58*Households: 3,739*Largest Industry: Wholesale Nurseries *Largest Employer: PalmCo*Climate: Temp average 70-90, Rainfall 55 inches

All Things Fishing

BAIT AND TACKLED&D 3922 Pine Island Road, (239) 282-9122Old Pine Island Marine and Tackle3187 Stringfellow Road, (239) 283-2548Seven Seas 4270 Pine Island Road, (239) 283-1647MARINASFour Winds Marina16501 Stringfellow Road, (239) 283-0250Harbor Hideaway Marina7290 Barrancus Avenue, ...

Pine Island/Matlacha Overview

Pine Island/Matlacha OverviewPine IslandMost visitors will remark that Pine Island is perhaps the last bastion for those seeking the flavor of "Old Florida" in Southwest Florida. Travelers will not find high-rise buildings, amusement parks or white sandy beaches - what is waiting to be ...


Visitors come to Pine Island for a variety of reasons - to fish, commune with nature, dine in various restaurants or take in a bit of the island history. Growing in number are those who are here to browse the art galleries.There are 14 galleries throughout the island loaded with fine works of ...

Calendar of Events

Art NightsMangoManiaCalusa BluewayMullet TossBattle of the Paddles

Island Demographics

Island DemographicsPine Island2000 US Census DataPopulation: 9,016 year round, 15,000 winterAnnual Population Growth: 3%Median Age: 58 yearsEthnic Origin: Caucasian, 97.2%; Hispanic/Latino, 3.7%Age Distribution: 25-44, 15.5%; 45-65, 33.2%; 65+, 36.0%Gender: Male, 50.6%; Female, 49.4%Average ...

Pine Island’s History

Pine Island's HistorySome 24.5 million years ago Pine Island rose, as did all of Florida, from the receding seas that had covered the land for thousands of years. The Calusa Indians were the first known settlers, arriving around 800 AD. They thrived for many centuries with an economy based on ...

Pine Island fishing brings visitors from far and wide

Pine Island is not known for beaches, highrise resorts or amusement parks but visitors come from far and wide to this sleepy little island off the Florida coast for one reason: Fishing.The waters surrounding Pine Island team with life, drawing anglers to its waters for exciting fishing ...