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North High to hold ‘Starry Night’ virtual art show May 7

By CHUCK BALLARO - | May 5, 2021


North Fort Myers High’s annual senior art show, “A Starry Night,” is going to be a little different this year.

It will be offered virtually starting Friday, May 7, and will feature paintings, photography, ceramics, pencil drawings and some sculptural work from the outgoing students.

Ellen Bianchi, art director and drawing teacher at the school, said COVID is the reason they are holding the event virtually and not in person, as it has been in the past.

“A virtual show hinders us a little bit in that people don’t get to look at the actual work and the kids aren’t there to explain the intent of a specific piece,” Bianchi said. “They have made artist statements where they talk about the overall theme.”

Two dozen students have submitted work and each will have their own gallery room which can fit about five pieces.

As the work is going to be online, the color and atmosphere will not be the same, Bianchi said, but at it will offer a showcase of their body of work.

“They have worked tremendously hard. I know how hard they work for me and my colleagues in the area of art,” Bianchi said. “Celebrating that expression for them I thought was important enough to put together a virtual show for them.”

Senior Keishla DeJesus, who has been an artist since she was very young, said she is very excited for the show, as it’s something they have looked forward to for four years.

“It is a bummer that we can’t do it face to face, but I’m excited we get to do it virtually,” said DeJesus, who does pencil art and paintings. “We’re happy we’ll get a virtual art show. It’s what we’ve been thinking about since freshman year, being able to get together with our families and express what the art means to us.”

DeJesus said when the pandemic hit, she was worried because she couldn’t see her teachers or fellow students.

“It’s important when you’re in an art environment to collaborate, talk with them, get constructive criticism from other students and that had a huge impact,” DeJesus said.

The event will be on the website nfm.leeschools.net