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Butterfly Estates

By Staff | Mar 30, 2016

1815 Fowler Street, Fort Myers



Butterfly Estates is a serene, peaceful place that gives visitors the opportunity to get closer to nature.

Combining a butterfly conservatory and botanical gardens, this eco-friendly attraction is a one of a kind experience housed right in downtown Fort Myers.

Guests can also visit Flutterby’s Cafe, an open air dining experience, and shop at the Caterpillar Fudge Factory, where guests are lured by sweet aromas of homemade fudge. Or visitors can shop at Mother Nature’s Gift shop, which offers fun, nature themed gifts.

The Butterfly Estates is located in the downtown Fort Myers River District at 1815 Fowler Street. To learn more about this exciting experience, call 239-690-2359 or visit www.thebutterflyestates.com